Public Relations and Immigration Law

Impact of Public Relation Institutions on Immigration Policies 


The role of the media and public relations is essential to cultivating public perception, especially for key issues such as immigration. If the general public is uninformed about your mission or issue, a public relations firm can give them the knowledge necessary to make decisions on these issues, either within their own local government, through voting or other public service. A public relations campaign can also aid immigration lawyers in educating their clients and empowering them to seek help if needed.

In many cases, these institutions can mold perception of the masses especially for hot-button issues like immigration. In fact, immigration has been in the spotlight and the target of many public relation campaigns. However, not all of these campaigns are in favor of or promote immigration. They can also be discriminatory or defame minority groups which is of particular interest to immigration lawyers.

The Impact of Public Relations on Immigration Law

An immigration lawyer must be aware of how public relations institutions shape popular opinion. They must also address legal issues that may arise due to these campaigns. A good immigration lawyer may also use the tactics of a campaign, redirecting the conversation and attitude towards immigrants. Immigration lawyers can use public relations to help their clients in a number of ways, including:


  1. Redirecting attention to the positive;
  2. Harnessing the power of the media to work for the client instead of against them;
  3. Control the information that is disseminated.


These tactics can be especially useful for defending clients against “attack” ads or campaigns in addition to mounting a counter-offensive for clients or class-action claims.


Media as a Driving Force


The common factor in this conversation is the role of media. Media must be harnessed by both the public relations firms and the immigration lawyers to convey their message efficiently. The intent of that message can vary, that is, it can either be harmful or helpful. These messages can also perpetuate myths or racial stereotypes in the hands of the wrong person.


Immigration Attorneys’ role


It is important for the immigration lawyers, to use media to divert the debate or argument in favor of their clients and to refocus the campaign’s attention to a right and productive direction. Public relations firms working in tandem with immigration lawyers can be very effective as well. In fact, media is one of the most common ways that public relations entities use to steer the debates. Good immigration lawyers can use these tactics to their advantage and to help the cause of their clients.


Driving Policy


As you can see, public relations can be a major driving force when campaigning for immigration policy. This force can be used for positive and negative ends depending on who wields it, sometimes injecting governmental regulation or immigration policy with racism or favoritism. In the world of immigration law, an immigration lawyer must understand how public relations interact with immigration policy in order to effectively serve their clients and the greater good.


Immigration lawyers who embrace public relations as a method by which policy is created can guide the process of creating and passing immigration policy that meets the needs of all involved parties.


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